Meet the chickens

Flora & Fauna 

These two arrived unexpectedly new year's day 2014. I got a text from friends who were picking up some hens and asked if I needed any. Of course I wanted a pair of Easter Egger pullets! Raised from chicks for a 4-H project and now living the dream in Oakland, CA


One of my original hens. She's talkative, broody, greedy, stubborn, and looks like a fat little dinosaur when she runs...I enjoy her company and her magnificent egg song. She's a Mottled Java chicken so, java = coffee = cup-a-jo = Jo.

The other founding hen. Always at the top of the pecking order, mouse slayer, wanna be rooster, bad ass hen. A prolific digger of holes and finder of many treasures. She's gone to the big coop in the sky.

Obviously not a chicken but definitly part of the crew. Flower sniffing, napping in the sun and looking for back rubs, he's always behind the scenes ready to offer a back to scratch. 


  1. Did Lucky just kill a moose in that picture?

    1. That's the kind of chicken she was...bad ass.