Where the magic happens

When we moved into a house with a big backyard, I was excited to have a small flock of chickens. I didn't know much about raising hens, but I did my research, built a coop, fenced the run, bought all the feeders, food, grit, accessories and so forth... Then I brought home two pullets, "Lucky" & "Jo". As they settled into their new life, they began to move the earth around their enclosure. Holes in the earth opened suddenly and mounds began to rise. I knew chickens would scratch and peck. I had no idea they would move and shape the earth. Then one day, THINGS started appearing in the chicken area; broken glass, bits of rusty metal, car parts and toys. So many toys. I began photographing and collecting these items. I call them Chicken Treasures and there seems to be no end to them. 

What it looked like the day we moved in


  1. What an amazing transformation! Yay chicken treasures!!

  2. Hi, This is Terry Manning and I am a rabid gardener and live In Suquamish, WA. Alexander is my son and he has told me about you and the chickens. All sounds very interesting and so I have signed up to receive your updates. The before and after pictures of your back yard look fabulous and I am sure it was very fun to do all of that. Look forward to the updates.

    1. Looking forward to a chat about harvest soon!