Monday, July 25, 2016

A Canyon View

This intact lense from a pair of welding goggles was one of those privileged treasures that comes right into the house and gets special handling. I was fascinated that it was unbroken, just a bit scratched. Surely I could make a chicken from it! But it never seemed right, always too round... And then the girls dug up this rusty can top that looked like a landscape silhouette and stayed in my hand when I came inside the house. The two met on the kitchen counter, fitting together just right and looking a bit like an eye. I don't find this piece to look like much without the sun beaming in behind it. Found object assemblage 101...we're so please you can solder. But I feel like there's magic in this piece. A secret or surprise might be more accurate.

There's something about this portal peek, this Martian landscape, coupled with the eye-like shape of the piece that really flips my skirt. I call this sculpture, A Canyon View. It has become one of my favorites. 

Enjoy a view to another world when the sun hits this little lovey in the afternoon. Hell, you could stare at the sun all day through this, it's for welding! Or planet exploration. You decide.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it's for welding but only gas welding. Do not ever stare at the sun thru this lens. It would be rated a 6 vs. arc welding lenses which would be rated a 10, 11 or even 12. Maybe a 9 if you're using 1/16" rod. You can view the sun through 10 or higher. What day are you arriving at BM? Kirbmudegon