Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Twisted egg

The best thing about having chickens and collecting eggs is seeing the imperfections and down right horrors of egg production. Look at this twisted mess of an egg. What goes on inside of a hen? Is it like making sausage? How do you even go on after seeing something like this?! Well, it’s my favorite part of the whole chicken raising gig. Eggs have ripples, twists, and sometimes no yolk. The shell is not always perfect, sometimes covered in warty calcium deposits, sometimes there’s just a membrane with no calcium at all...an unpleasant discovery when you’re not paying attention, like picking up a dry jelly fish. I love seeing all the imperfections of egg production. It’s something I never saw with the eggs mom brought home from the grocer...


  1. My favorite egg anomaly that I've seen was a complete egg, shell and all, inside another (obviously) slightly larger egg.

    1. A funny thing about that story is that I remember it like I was there, but I am not 100% sure that I was. Like maybe I just thought about it enough to remember it like a memory.

    2. I've never gotten one of those, but I have seen photos. Young chickens can have all kinds of fun misfires when they begin laying.