Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Transforming trash to treasure

I've been saying for some time that I would make chickens out of all the glass they dig up. At some point, I must have figured it would never happen and I tossed a bunch into recycling. Oh how I regret that now...

Meet Number One. She's a serious little hen that loves to sparkle in the sun. Before you judge her craftsmanship, please know, I had never soldered anything before her. She was baptized in my tears of frustration and learning. Of course I had to learn this notoriously difficult skill working with jagged, curved, insane pieces of glass on one of a kind sculptures. Hooray me! 

And then there were two... Atron is a smart little rooster with a relaxed attitude. It's very difficult to capture their personalities in a photo. 

There's eight of these guys now. Not all chickens, but I'm keeping to the bird theme. The real chickens are working hard at the dig to find more but there's less and less glass these days. I mean, I have been picking it up for 4 years. 

If you read this, and you are experienced with soldering glass, can we talk? I would love to hear your tips and tricks. Also, if you have photos of Tiffany's glass workshop or tools, I would love to see them. I feel like I could benefit from some Victorian tech.


  1. This is amazing and unique. Truly works of a brilliantly talented person.

  2. This is so fucking bad ass, I love em.

  3. My mom does stained glass (or used to, in the 70's)...maybe I could ask her if she has any tips? I know she is/was super hard on herself regarding the seamlessness of the beading/lines, but I have no idea what her methods were.

  4. Do you check the glass to see if it is uranium or Vaseline glass? All you need is a black light. I find tons of broken bits, common pre 1930's.