Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reunited and it feels so good

I found his leg long before I found his body. The girls were amassing a nice collection of action figure limbs that I kept in a cup on top of the chicken coop. How did these legs go missing? Was Sid from Toy Story living here? This leg was my favorite with a gun holster and motorcycle boots. It was pretty exciting to find the orange and yellow body the hens kicked into a pile of leaves. I instantly knew he went with my favorite leg! It’s doubtful they will ever be whole again but at least they can get reacquainted.

I'd like to know who this guy is. Leave a comment if you recognize him.

I'd like to reunite the other two some day...


  1. I don't know who he is but I don't like that pouty face he's making at me. He's about to lose his other leg!

  2. Seriously. I can feel his judgement.