Friday, August 14, 2015

Meta chickens

What can be said when your real chickens dig up some plastic chickens?
I said “Wow, that’s very meta” and brought it into the house right away to wash it. Some of the original paint came off which is a risk when cleaning a treasure. But some treasures excite me way more than others and I plunge blindly forward. I had this very toy as a kid and it never gave me as much joy as this one.


  1. I feel like Meta Chicken would be a great cartoon.
    - Leslie

  2. Or a chicken super hero.

    Or a metal band. Maybe.

  3. I feel like they're tiny archaeologist and they just dug up idols from their ancient idol worshipping ancestors. Them are pagan chickens now!

  4. I sometimes call them the archaeologists! Now I feel bad for taking away their idols...