Friday, August 7, 2015

Glass part 1

There is no end to the broken glass the girls unearth. Many types of glass too; bottles, decorative, privacy, tempered, flat, round, textured, colored, automobile, household, and every color show up pretty much all the time. I don't dig in my garden without gloves for fear of glass. I'm always checking the hen's feet for cuts. So far, none. We all seem to live in harmony with a bewildering amount of broken glass. There's less every day because I'm constantly picking it up but always more questions about just what went on in this yard...

The collection continues to grow and I believe someday a creative fever will consume me and glorious items will be made from shiny treasures. 

Delicate beauties that were once the elite in home decor; now living the rough life outside. I think it suits them and adds a little glam to my garden.


  1. Shiny carnival glass - mkay
    Automotive glass - kinda makes sense
    Pretty drop of amber glass - not sure how that came about
    Chandelier pieces - C'MON!!! What the hell was going on back there?!
    - Leslie