Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Glass part 2

When the first bit of this jar appeared I thought it was just another piece of broken junk, so I ignored it. The girls kept digging around it and more was revealed. Then I noticed a little plant was growing inside. The seedling had it's own greenhouse! I took this picture before pulling it out of the ground thinking the glass was a dome over the seedling...

What a surprise to find this little jar unbroken! I pulled that little seedling and the dirt out faster than you can say "What a cute little bottle." Now in service as a tiny vase on my window sill; I enjoy it every day.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Alligator or crocodile

Covered in dried mud for camouflage, he waits for a snack to wander by. 
It's going to be awhile...

Sometimes he lurks around the birdbath. Ever hopeful. Ever hungry. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Meta chickens

What can be said when your real chickens dig up some plastic chickens?
I said “Wow, that’s very meta” and brought it into the house right away to wash it. Some of the original paint came off which is a risk when cleaning a treasure. But some treasures excite me way more than others and I plunge blindly forward. I had this very toy as a kid and it never gave me as much joy as this one.

I love a Jeep

I'm a little sad about the condition of this but, I'm also super stoked to have found it. Bitter sweet Jeep...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blue Lego

For some time, the hens only found blue Lego in the yard. I wondered if the kid who lived here had something against the blue ones. And then I found a green Lego followed quickly by white and red so maybe the blue ones just like each other's company...

Just a face

It's kind of hard to look at... Even though I expect to find odd things in the yard, some are odder than others. When I noticed this, I expected to pull a whole head from the dirt. Nope. Just Ken's face. Did it crack off? Was it cut off? Chicken Treasures are all mysteries but some leave me really wondering.

Monday, August 10, 2015

House of Mouse

I expect to find toys in the yard, but not House of Mouse toys...
There's no real reason for surprise. So much of this plastic bullshit is pumped out annually and tossed in the trash. It’s a pretty big bummer but then, I like finding toys in the garden… My problems are awesome. Makes me think about all the Mickeys out there living lives of luxury in elite collections. What about Mickey that lives in the dirt?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Glass part 1

There is no end to the broken glass the girls unearth. Many types of glass too; bottles, decorative, privacy, tempered, flat, round, textured, colored, automobile, household, and every color show up pretty much all the time. I don't dig in my garden without gloves for fear of glass. I'm always checking the hen's feet for cuts. So far, none. We all seem to live in harmony with a bewildering amount of broken glass. There's less every day because I'm constantly picking it up but always more questions about just what went on in this yard...

The collection continues to grow and I believe someday a creative fever will consume me and glorious items will be made from shiny treasures. 

Delicate beauties that were once the elite in home decor; now living the rough life outside. I think it suits them and adds a little glam to my garden.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Flora with cars

There are times when the photos are boring and I scrap the whole shoot. For this group shot of Doozies I was bored, the hens were bored, it was not coming together so I scrapped it. Of course, that’s when Flora became interested and I got this behind the scenes picture. Sweet Flora is a calm and happy “Easter Egger” that endures being at the bottom of the pecking order. Okay, I endure it. It frustrates me. It's terrible to see a favorite hen being bullied. Since there's nothing I can do about the pecking order, I feed her worms and special treats when the other hens aren't looking.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reunited and it feels so good

I found his leg long before I found his body. The girls were amassing a nice collection of action figure limbs that I kept in a cup on top of the chicken coop. How did these legs go missing? Was Sid from Toy Story living here? This leg was my favorite with a gun holster and motorcycle boots. It was pretty exciting to find the orange and yellow body the hens kicked into a pile of leaves. I instantly knew he went with my favorite leg! It’s doubtful they will ever be whole again but at least they can get reacquainted.

I'd like to know who this guy is. Leave a comment if you recognize him.

I'd like to reunite the other two some day...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Little Green Worm

The best little green worm I ever found in my yard. Mostly I find them eating my fruit or boring into my flower buds. I feed those to the hens but they didn't seem interested in this little guy so he's living large in the flowers.

Some treasures are a joy to move around the garden. 
Breaking news: Toys are fun to play with. 

This little guy's face gives me feelings.

Harry Hamlin

Doing my chicken chores one morning, I look down and say to myself “That looks like Harry Hamlin”. Looking up at me from the ground is Perseus from the 1981 movie, Clash of the Titans! It’s pretty exciting to find treasures from my childhood. Also the first toy to be unearthed completely intact. There’s been a lot of body parts thus far...too many really. But here’s Perseus, looking good and ready for action. Much like H. Hamlin today, it’s very well preserved.

Be careful Perseus!

Monday, August 3, 2015


Ball bearings, marbles, super balls hardened by time, round rocks, clay balls, plastic beads… Spheres stand out boldly in the soil and detritus the hens move around; their perfectly smooth curves draw the eye in a field of sticks, rocks and broken stuff salad.

Get Rad

My girl "Lucky"
Lucky found this silver foil BMX sticker still in pretty good shape. The earth seals things up and preserves them while the sun breaks everything down into dust.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


This is the stuff nightmares are made of. First you think, aaawww, it’s a cute little bunny. But then you take a picture and discover the horror of the dead eyed bunny. This one will not be coming into the house. Honestly, it looks fine in person...only in the photos can you see the darkness inside. Though I would use this photo as a label if I ever make beer with the hops I grow.

Being a kid

Playschool...such fond memories of being a kid. You know, like Lord of the Flies.