Monday, July 25, 2016

A Canyon View

This intact lense from a pair of welding goggles was one of those privileged treasures that comes right into the house and gets special handling. I was fascinated that it was unbroken, just a bit scratched. Surely I could make a chicken from it! But it never seemed right, always too round... And then the girls dug up this rusty can top that looked like a landscape silhouette and stayed in my hand when I came inside the house. The two met on the kitchen counter, fitting together just right and looking a bit like an eye. I don't find this piece to look like much without the sun beaming in behind it. Found object assemblage 101...we're so please you can solder. But I feel like there's magic in this piece. A secret or surprise might be more accurate.

There's something about this portal peek, this Martian landscape, coupled with the eye-like shape of the piece that really flips my skirt. I call this sculpture, A Canyon View. It has become one of my favorites. 

Enjoy a view to another world when the sun hits this little lovey in the afternoon. Hell, you could stare at the sun all day through this, it's for welding! Or planet exploration. You decide.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Green Army Men

It is always a good day when one of these guys show up in the yard. So many millions have been produced, I'm surprised I don't run into them everywhere in the world. I played with them as a child, in the dirt, with my Matchbox cars. My brother's G.I. Joe's were verboten but little green army men could disappear without a fuss.

These brave soldiers are never in good shape when found. I usually yell "Medic!" when the hens unearth one. Each is a tiny ancient sculpture, unique, tragic...and yet, a toy. Loved.

Cheers! To the little green army man... Caught in an endless war of the best kind. Completely driven by imagination, fun and children's delight

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Twisted egg

The best thing about having chickens and collecting eggs is seeing the imperfections and down right horrors of egg production. Look at this twisted mess of an egg. What goes on inside of a hen? Is it like making sausage? How do you even go on after seeing something like this?! Well, it’s my favorite part of the whole chicken raising gig. Eggs have ripples, twists, and sometimes no yolk. The shell is not always perfect, sometimes covered in warty calcium deposits, sometimes there’s just a membrane with no calcium at unpleasant discovery when you’re not paying attention, like picking up a dry jelly fish. I love seeing all the imperfections of egg production. It’s something I never saw with the eggs mom brought home from the grocer...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On creativity, commerce and confidence...

Meet Cricket.

I'm attached to each one of these Chicken Treasures sculptures. No surprise there, since they are all made by me, in my own little creative bubble. There's no art studio or defined space for my projects. I work on whimsy, with no discipline. I don't recommend this, but that's how it's happening here. And it's happening a lot...there's a dozen of these creations now and I'm running out of space to hang them.

The Crow.

The dream I have for myself is that something that comes from me, an idea, art, or a product will allow me to live my life how I want. The way to my happiness is not by climbing a corporate ladder or working for The Man. I want to create and Do for myself and the friends I call family. Now, I know I lack discipline, that I'm a dreamer and I bounce from one thing to another. My mother was an artist and bad mouthed anyone without a degree that called themselves an artist. These messages I received from her and the ones I send myself do nothing to build my confidence in my creative abilities.

Claude the Rooster.

Maybe if I had a designated studio/work area I would have more confidence in the value of these unique and interesting creatures. If I somehow defined myself as an artist...I struggle with objects and the value I place on them. There are items in my home that I have given value that likely have very little worth. But this is my art. My creations. And they are one of a kind. I can place all the value I want on them but what price? I know these little sculptures won't make me rich but making them makes my life richer.

Tropical Puffin.
I can't keep them all. I mean, I could, but letting them go feels right. People seem to like them and I want them to go out into the world and spread the joy. Two Chicken Treasures were recently in a small art show and the feedback from the general public and other artists helped me believe in these little guys. So I opened an Etsy shop and now you can own a Chicken Treasure.
Click here to see the shop

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Plastic Rooster Goodness

Sometimes a treasure comes along that I like so much, it gets photographed all over the garden...

Does anyone recognize this rooster? He's familiar to me, but I can't place him.

I've thought about washing it. But I feel like the dirt gives it character and charm...personality? Sometimes I can't wait to wash a treasure and see it shine, and sometimes they are perfect just as they are found.

Flora always wants to know what I'm doing in the nest box. Photos or egg collecting, when that access door opens, she's all over it.

I guess the left side is its best side...
And these photos just don't capture how great this piece of plastic is. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Art show action

Pretty exciting news around least, for me. My up-cycled glass chicken sculptures are going to be in a show at the local art gallery (details in above photo). Every piece in the show is under 12 x 12 inches and I'm looking forward to seeing all the other small art pieces and meeting local artists. Drop by if you're free. The opening coincides with their monthly potluck, so there will be food. Bring something to share. Or don't. I will just be happy to see your smiling face.

Here's a peek at what I've been putting together in the workshop recently. Meet the Toucan, Rubber Duckie, and Tropical Puffin. I've been having fun with all of the different materials that come from the yard and the pottery pieces are really working for me. These three birds don't hang in the window... The rusty nails are great for pushing into potted plants and Duckie stands up on his own.

He's a real cute little guy...only about 2 inches tall. My husband says I'm not allowed to sell him or give him away. The Chicken treasure magic is strong in this one. Of course, I love them all. It was difficult to put a price on them for the art show. I want to keep them all. But of course, that's just silly.

And this guy... The Toucan. His simple self gives me so much joy.Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bring me the head of a mustachioed man

Fresh Chicken Treasure! I found this handsome fellow on the morning patrol through the hen enclosure. Anyone recognize his mug? African safari guy or swarthy Aussie? 

UPDATE: He has been identified as Joe Recondo, a G.I. Joe action figure.

I just love his jaunty hat. Fingers crossed that his body shows up.
Excavation has been slow at the dig, but the recent rain has me optimistic for even more treasures soon.